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Garden Design Fees and Construction Costs

One of the first questions I’m asked, not surprisingly, is ‘How much will the garden cost?’ The full cost of construction and planting depends on things such as the amount of hard landscaping (like paving, deck, gravel) vs soft landscaping (planted areas and lawn), how complicated the build work is, whether it includes new fencing, raised beds, changes in level and lighting and logistical issues such as whether everything has to go through the house. As each garden design is bespoke, it is not until the design has been thought through that the work can be estimated accurately by a landscaper. However, at the initial consultation stage we can discuss your budget, and look at some projects in my portfolio that will give an indication of total costs.

Garden design fees are also dependent on the size and complexity of the garden; after I have seen the site, and discussed your requirements, I will be able to provide a fixed price for the design stage. As a rough guide:

A layout plan for a small courtyard garden will start from £1600

A planting plan will start from £800 if done at the same time as the layout plan

Initial meetings are generally charged for, which means we can discusss the brief and ideas at the first meeting rather than it being just a sales pitch on my part.

An hourly rate is charged for the following: significant redraws after the plans have been agreed, consultancy, construction diagrams, engagement and project monitoring of contractors, site visits, sourcing plants and planting.

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