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When is a good time to design your garden?

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If you are making significant changes to your house, such as redesigning the ground floor layout, or extending into the garden, then this is a great time to consider a design and think about how the garden is going to look from inside.

Many people consider garden design to be seasonal, but it does not need to be. In winter you can see the bones of the garden and this is a good time to see where more structure is needed. In summer you'll be using your garden and may think that it is not really working for you, so that is also a good time to approach a designer to talk about things you'd like to change.

As the process itself can take a few weeks, plan ahead so that the designs are ready for when you'd like the build to start. Landscaper contractors can often be booked up in advance, and so allow for a gap between the design finishing and the build starting. Lot of people tend to think about their gardens in spring and this can be a very busy time for landscapers and garden designers, so if you would like the work done early in the year, then start the process the previous autumn or early winter to be sure of getting a slot.

Landscape construction can be spread over most months of the year, and planting undertaken through spring to late autumn.

So to summarise - any time of year is suitable to think about the design!

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