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Why design your garden?

A well designed garden can give you pleasure all year. Whether it is somewhere to spend time outdoors and entertain in summer, somewhere for your children to play, the view from inside during winter or even to do some gardening or grow herbs or vegetables. The garden is often the biggest room in the house, and can be enhanced by careful selection of plants and landscaping. Metre for metre it is cheaper than fitting a new kitchen.

What can a garden designer do for you?

Garden designers are problem solvers; they can transform a space or backyard into a garden that is individual, tailored to your requirements and matches the site, budget and your lifestyle. They will use plants that add structure and year round interest, are best suited to the soil type, aspect and local climate and fit with the amount of time you have for maintenance.

As a client, you will be fully involved in the design, contributing ideas, for example by using images of garden and planting styles, and giving the go ahead at all stages in the process.

Whether you intend to build the garden yourself, or employ a landscape contractor, a layout on paper will ensure all aspects of the design are considered at the beginning, even if the garden is constructed in phases according to your budget.

A designer can also help to bring a neglected garden back to life. If your garden is already landscaped, and you are happy with the layout, but need to overhaul the planting why not consider some border rejuvenation combining existing plants with new ones, or a completely new planting scheme.

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