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Boardwalks and Lush Planting

  • View across the garden

  • Curvy raised beds with a path through the middle leading to a seating area, featuring bamboo on the left, and herbs and grasses on the right

    Curvy raised beds

  • Curved boardwalk, with planting of perennials, grasses and Hydrangeas

    Deck path

  • Garden layout plan

    Garden layout plan

  • Garden before

    Garden before

In this garden, we straightened the meandering borders and lawn by installing a lovely hardwood deck along the length of the house and extended it to curve past a new planted area in the side return to link the two areas of the garden together. A deck walkway squiggles through raised beds to a seating area, and to provide screening from neighbouring properties, we filled these with bamboos, and the rest of the garden with other leafy plants.

Constructed by: Paul Jenner

© Sue Creak 2008