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Front Garden with Generous Planting

  • Overall view of the garden design

    Overall view of the garden

  • Newly planted garden in early summerh

    Newly planted garden in early summer

  • Path and sett detail

    Path and and sett detail

  • Geranium, Heuchera and Brunnera

    Geranium, Heuchera and Brunnera

  • Path and cedar fence

    Path and cedar fence

The brief here was to keep the front garden for planting. The original curve of the path is picked out by sandstone setts running through slate paving. As the garden faces North, the planting is shade tolerant and includes plants for year round interest including hydrangeas, ferns, heuchera, geraniums and brunnera. Lines of box hedge run through the planting, to add year round structure. A low fence is made of cedar batons of different sizes.

Garden Constructed by: Kiwi Landscapes

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