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Urban Garden

  • View of the newly completed garden

    View of the newly completed garden

  • View from side return

    View from side return

  • Cedar trellis is used along the neighbouring boundary to make a light screen

    Cedar trellis

  • Built-in cantilevered bench

    Built-in cantilevered bench

  • small garden that makes the best use of space with a cantilevered bench and raised beds

  • Looking back towards the house

    Looking back towards the house

The original garden here was not that enticing, as it had a scruffy square of lawn and a bit of deck, and was backed by the very tall wall of a neighbouring house. We redesigned the space using a raised bed along the back section to grow some tall bamboo, ditched the lawn, replacing it with a mix of deck and slate, and added some built in cantilevered benches, and a barbecue leaving enough free space for a table for 6.

Constructed by: Paul Jenner

© Sue Creak 2011