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An Urban Garden Designed on the Diagonal

  • Garden in Spring

    Garden in Spring

  • Tulips Daffodils & Euphorbia

    Tulips Daffodils & Euphorbia

  • Spring morning

    Spring morning

  • Apple tree in spring

    Apple tree in spring

  • Spring blossom and bulbs

    Spring blossom and bulbs

  • Overall view of the garden design

    Garden in summer

  • Iris and Libertia

    Iris and Libertia

  • Casual seating and pots

    Casual seating and pots

  • Border planted with grasses and perennials

    High summer with grasses and perennials

  • Autumnal grasses

    Autumnal grasses

  • Hydrangea Melville Sanguine

    Hydrangea Melville Sanguine

  • Box cubes and hedges add structure

    Box cubes and hedges add structure

  • Hellebores and snowdrops

    Hellebores and snowdrops

  • Diagonal garden design plan for a london garden

    Garden plan

This is my garden! Our own gardens are the ones that we inevitably spend the most time in and see through the seasons. We use them to experiment with plants, see what combinatations work and like most people we have our favourites. As the extension is on the diagonal, we created two squares of lawn, which left generous triangular areas for planting. A small deck area provides a shady place to sit under the trees. Clay pavers are used for a path, and to edge the lawn.
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